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Phase 4 of Restore Illinois provides the opportunity for one on one personal training and group training options. Those that have personal training credits or are current members of FitNation will be able to participate in one on one personal training at Nations Drive or Hunt Club Park Community Center. Please note that this is available to current FitNation members only. Members who have already purchased sessions can redeem them online. 


One on one work with a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals. Lose weight, increase strength or work towards your individual best!


Work together as a team to achieve your goals. In groups of 2 or 3, work with a personal trainer to achieve individual goals with the support of a team.


These sessions are the perfect way to get ready for your next marathon, sports try-out, weight lifting competition or triathlon. View more information here.

Personal Training

Partner Training

Group Training

30 minute sessions

$35 (1) / $330 (10) 

$22.50 per person

$20 per person

60 minute sessions 

$70 (1) / $650 (10) 

FitNation Personal Training Get Fit Challenge Female Winner 2016

Joanne Hoff

Female 2016 Get Fit Winner
Lost 14.2 lbs. and 4.5% body fat!

FitNation Get Fit Challenge 2016 Male Winner

Patrick Martin

Get Fit Challenge 2016 Male Winner
Lost 20 pounds and 5% body fat!


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As a new member or new to personal training, your first three, 30 minute sessions are $59.

Our nationally certified personal trainers will help develop a detailed program based on individual goals.

Joe Cole: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Training Specialty:
Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Mobility, Functional Fitness

"You can will yourself to do almost anything you want". David Goggins

Alex Simundza: NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist, USAW-Olympic Lifting Instructor Lvl 1, NETA-Group Exercise Instructor, ACE-Functional Aging Specialist

Training Specialty:
General strength training, sport conditioning and corrective exercise  

Clients will go through a great workouts while learning what muscles are involved and how to maintain proper form and movement.

  • Amazing environment. Super friendly.