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RAINED OUT - 4th Annual GO GURNEE StoryWalk with Warren-Newport Public Library


This year's StoryWalk is rained out. Due to inclement weather, the storyboards are no longer available. Stay tuned, a spring StoryWalk is in the works!

You can still listen the story by downloading with the links below.

Warren-Newport Public Library featured I Got the Rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison with illustrations by Frank Morrison.

"Now, more than ever, it is important to collaborate, work together and provide safe, outdoor options for our community,"

Recreation Manager, Beckie Korzyniewski, CPRP

This year's StoryWalk was a bit different. Rather than hosting a kick-off event, the story boards were set up around the Hunt Club Park pond on Saturday, August 29 until September 11. Unfortunately, the inclement weather rained on our parade ... in this case, our storyboards. 

The GO GURNEE movement provides free, non-traditional ways to get the Gurnee community out and walking.Teaming up with Warren-Newport Public Library and sharing a story, does just that."Walking, reading and participating in the actions seen on storyboards, rather than pages in the book, brings the story to life," continued Korzyniewski.

Download audio (iCloud) -

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Tuesday, August 3 2021

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