NEW! Gaga Pit Built By Gurnee Resident, Keith Jackson at Christine Thompson Park.

Gaga Pit at Christine Thompson Park in Gurnee, Illinois

We have all heard of basketball, kickball and dodgeball … but what about GaGa Ball? Also referred to as Octoball, This fast moving, high energy dodgeball game has been brought to local schools, summer camps and now four, soon to be five locations in Gurnee.

Aspiring Eagle Scout, Keith Jackson collaborated with Gurnee Park District to bring the game of Gaga Ball to his community park, Christine Thompson.  With help from community volunteers and family, Jackson was able to build the park's newest feature as part of his six month Eagle Scout service project.

View video - Learn to play Gaga Ball.

"I was very fortunate to have the support of my family, friends and local community, it's been fun sharing the game of Gaga Ball with them"

Keith Jackson 
Here's how you play! This is just one version of the rules, but a few other resources are listed as well. Similar to dodgeball, rules and regulations vary.

  • One player throws the Gaga ball up into the air. With players responding with a resounding Ga-Ga
  • Players hit the ball with one hand, but are unable to pick up and throw it
  • If the ball touches another player, anywhere on or below the waist that player is eliminated
  • Players cannot catch or kick the ball but they may block it and "dribble" it for 3 seconds, then it MUST touch the wall or another player to continue to be in play
  • Should the ball go out of the pit, the last player that touched it is out
  • Players who are out must leave the pit immediately
  • The last player out is the winner 

Octopit USA

The GaGa Center

Mamba GaGa

Bring your kickball and come out to your preferred Park District location to play Gaga Ball and any of the five, outdoor Gaga Pits.

Jackson was recently recognized for his contribution at the September 20, 2022 Park Board Meeting.



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Thursday, June 1 2023

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