Karate - ages 4+

Develop coordination, strength, and personal safety skills along with agility, self-confidence, and discipline. Classes are taught by Illinois Shotokan Karate instructors trained by former U.S. team member and four-time National Champion, John DiPasquale.

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Little Dragons - ages 5-7

Develop your child's confidence and self-defense techniques through games and practical exercises. Classes are taught by certified Independent TKD Association instructors. Contracted through Equa Do Martial Arts.

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Tae Kwon Do - ages 8+

Acquire confidence and self-esteem with mind-body control and self-defense. Contracted through Equa Do Martial Arts.

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Combat Hapkido - ages 13+

Find out how to redirect your opponent's energy and use it against them with minimal force during this self-defense program. Contracted through Equa Do Martial Arts.

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Tai Chi - ages 13+

Improve breathing, balance, strength, flexibility, and gain a better sense of well being through a moving meditation. Contracted through Equa Do Martial Arts.

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Braveway Self Defense - ages 8+

Learn to anticipate and avoid potentially dangerous situations and discover how to defend yourself from a physical attacker. Work with a partner to learn techniques against (un)armed, single and multiple aggressors. Contracted through Mike Theriault. 

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Women's Self Defense - ages 13+

Women learn self-defense techniques and issues related to home, school, and work safety. Class instructors are women trained in TRU (Trained Ready Unafraid) Women's Self Defense program. Recommended for mothers and daughters. Contracted through Equa Do Martial Arts.

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